The Connemara is best known today as a versatile sports pony. Ridden by both adults and children, it is considered competitive in most disciplines. Connemaras are especially desirable in eventing, dressage and show jumping but they also excel in harness, competitive trail, endurance riding and field hunting.

In North America, Purebred Connemara Ponies range in height from 13h to over 15h. Its body type, substance and ground covering paces lend it a more horse-like feel than most other pony breeds.  

The most common colors are Grey and Buckskin (often mistakenly referred to as Dun), but Blacks, Bays, Browns, Chestnuts, Palominos and Roans also occur and are highly desirable.

The Connemara Pony is most cherished by owners for its legendary rideability, matchless character and peerless work ethic. These trademark qualities combined with the Connemaras size and natural athletic abilities make them an ideal fit for most Adult Amateurs.


In North America, Purebred Connemara Stallions are often crossed on Thoroughbred and Sport Horse Mares to produce a versatile, easy to manage, competitive mounts for the Adult Amatuer.  The Connemara crossed on the Thoroughbred mare is one of the Traditional Irish Sport Horse Crosses. Such Crosses can be registered as Half Breds. These half bred sport horses compete across disciplines at the highest levels of sport. Other desirable crosses include the Connemara crossed onto Warmblood. ISH, ID and Arabian Mares as well as Sport Ponies of all types.  


Connemara Pony

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Connemara Ponies are often crossed Thoroughbreds and other Sport Horse Types to produce  high performance athletes. A Connemara crossed with a Thoroughbred,  is registered as a Half Bred, is one of the Traditional Irish Sport Horse crosses.  Today the offspring of these Connemara Crosses (down to 1/4 Connemara by pedigree) are eligible for registration as Connera Sport Horses. 

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Connemara Ponies excel in most disciplines. Their size, intelligence and horse-like gaits and athletic abilities make them an ideal match for many adult riders. Purebred Connemaras are known to excel in Dressage and Eventing readily competing alongside the best of most other sport horse breeds. 

Connemara Pony

Connemara Pony

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