Intentionally Bred with  People in Mind

Browns Valley, CA

Redbud Ranch

Our mission is to produce a new generation of quality Connemara Sport Horses capable of elevating your equestrian experience and helping you to achieve your goals. 

We aim to promote unique, meaningful partnerships and deliver continued support in making your journey more successful and personally rewarding.

A New Generation of Quality Connemara Sport Horses
& Ponies

Our Mission

We have a true passion for the Connemara Pony and treasure its legendary character, natural athleticism, and soundness. At Redbud Ranch, we embrace the relationship between correct, functional conformation, athletic type, and ability to perform across disciplines. We select from classic International and Domestic Connemara and Sport Horse bloodlines to produce our premium Connemara Crosses.

The Connemara Pony and its Legendary Character, Athleticism, and Durability.

Our Passion

We select traits that combine the character, rideability, versatility, and soundness of the Connemara Pony with the willingness, athleticism, scope, and intelligence of the American Thoroughbred and European Warmblood. 

Our Connemara Sport Horse crosses are intentionally bred with people in mind to help you reach your goals and hopefully make your journey more successful and personally rewarding. 

Purposely Bred with People in Mind

What we Offer

One of our core beliefs at Redbud Ranch is that every foal is produced with intention and people in mind. We encourage asking many questions to get to know you and what you’re trying to achieve. 

We are here to help navigate the decision-making process. Let's learn together if one of our Connemara Sport Horses is right for you. 

Let's learn together, if one of our Connemara Sport Horse is right for you.

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SEnd Message

“These foals all look incredible. I have to thank you for having a great eye for sport horse conformation. You really know how to find and breed horses with elegant, high set necks, well laid-back shoulders, strong backs, powerful hind ends, and perfect legs.”

— Kristen in CA

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We here to help navigate the decision making process. Let's learn together, if one of our Connemara Sport Horses is right for you.