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Black Connemara Pony Filly

March 17, 2022

A precious new Black Purebred Connemara Filly sired by R Blue Moon and out of RMF Miss Aoife/Kippure Cara. The new filly arrived at the decent hour of 10:30 pm on the night of March 15.

Day 1

Momma Aoife was down for a quiet nap and her new baby wanted the “Milk Bar” open. We couldnt be more pleased with the quality, type and color of this beautiful purebred Connemara Pony foal.

Day 2

Aoifes Filly continues to exceed all our expectations–she passed her Well Foal check last night with excellent IGG results. Nothing better than healthy Mommas and Babies. Today she got to go outside for about 40 minutes while i cleaned the stall and when she was ready she walked right back in and put herself to bed.

Sweet Dreams Precious…

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Intentionally Bred   with  People in Mind

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