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Is a Connemara Sport Horse right for You?

October 5, 2022

The Connemara-Thoroughbred is a traditional horse breed originating from Ireland. These horses are the product of crossing a Connemara Pony with a Thoroughbred or other horse breeds to emphasize both breeds’ best traits. Connemara sports horses are renowned for their natural athleticism, and engaging temperament. And they are celebrated competitors in all disciplines.

Connemara Thoroughbred Cross Sired by R Blue Moon
Connemara – Thoroughbred Filly “Baby Blue” sired by R Blue Moon

Breed Overview

WEIGHT: 950 to 1,200 pounds

HEIGHT: 14.2 to 17 hands 

BODY TYPE: Well-proportioned, smooth muscular body; excellent bone structure; graceful neck and small ears; with an attractive profile.

BEST FOR: All owners and riders who enjoy an charismatic horse


Connemara Thoroughbred Cross Sired by R Blue Moon
Champion Connemara-Thoroughbred cross R Sparks Fly sired by R Blue Moon with Wayne Quarles

The Connemara Sport Horse History and Origins

The traditional Connemara Sport Horse is the result of several decades of organized breeding between Thoroughbreds and Connemara Ponies, a cross native to Ireland as both a pleasure and a show horse. The intention was to create a modern type of sport horse with the refinement, scope, and athleticism of a Thoroughbred and the intelligence, stamina, and friendly demeanor of a Connemara Pony. In recent years, Connemara’s have been further crossed with modern warmblood sport horses.

These. Connemara cross’s outstanding athleticism and exceptional personality make it a popular show horse worldwide, with many traditional Connemara sport horses imported to compete in show circuits around North America. They have also become famous family horses, as their temperament makes them suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Despite their popularity, Connemara Sport Horses are quite a rare breed, and it can be exceptionally challenging to find just the right one.

Connemara Sport Horse Size

Connemara sport horses range in size from around 14.3 hands to 17 hands, with an average weight of approximately 950 to 1,300 pounds. 

Dark bay Connemara Thoroughbred Totality DFEN, Champion FEH
Yearling Connemara – Thoroughbred Totallity DFEN sired by R Blue Moon

Connemara Sport Horse Breeding and Uses

When breeders crossed the gentle and hardy Connemara Pony with the energetic and powerful thoroughbred, they created a quality sport horse. The Connemara sport horse is an incredibly versatile breed that excels in many disciplines. The Connemara Sport Horse is commonly used for eventing, dressage, show jumping, fox hunting, and pleasure riding. It is also well-suited to life outdoors, thanks to its hearty Pony genetics. The Connemara-Cross is intelligent and eager to learn new things, making it open to uses beyond what it is known for.

Colors and Markings

Connemara sport horses come in all colors and variations depending on parentage. Standard coat colors include: black, white, gray, brown, buckskin, cremello, palomino, perlino, chestnut, and roan. 

Unique Characteristics of the Connemara Sport Horse

The traits that define the Connemara sport horse have made it a prized horse in both competitions and among horse-loving families. These horses are generally eager to please, friendly, intelligent, and courageous. In addition, they tend to enjoy the company of people. Connemara sports horses are physically known for being athletic, intelligent, and versatile. And they have exceptionally powerful hindquarters that help give them their incredible balance and jumping ability.

Common Health and Behavior Problems

Connemara sport horses are generally hearty with no breed-specific health issues. This makes them reasonably easy to maintain. But because they are naturally athletic and personable, they require a dedicated owner who can spend ample time with them, or their overall wellness and mental attitude might decline. And even though they are friendly horses, that vibrant personality might be too much for some novice owners.

Champion and Celebrity Connemara Sport Horses

There have been quite a few notable Connemara sport horses throughout recent history, with some of the most famous coming in the past few years. They include:

  • Sparrows Nio: USA, CCI5* Eventer Ridden by Allie Sasken
  • Feldale Mouse: AUS, CCI5* Eventer. Ridden by Isabel English.
  • Portersize Just a Jiff: IRE, CCI 5* Eventer Ridden by Camilla Speirs

Is a Connemara Sport Horse Right for You?

Because of its genuine nature and friendly personality, the Connemara sport horse is considered an excellent choice for all types of owners. But Connemara sport horses do require time and training. Therefore, the right owner must be able to provide them with adequate care and management.

Three Connemara Thoroughbreds we Covet (Eventing Nation Article)

How to Buy the Connemara Sport Horse

Connemara sport horses can be challenging to find, depending on where you live. And the young horses are often sold for $10,000.00 or more. Research reputable breeders and groups to find horses that can be transported to your location. Aim to spend time with a horse before you decide to bring it home, and look out for red flags. The breeder should be transparent about the horse’s history, health status, and temperament. If your questions are being ignored or not fully answered, consider looking for another breeder. 

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